Friday, July 29, 2011

Here is a Letter I sent to the National Post. Some of my more important words were censored out, And the word "allegedly" was never in my letter.
Letter to Editor
National Post
July 27, 2011.

Dear Editor, re: "Don't call China an 'ally'" National Post, July 27,2011.
You state in this editorial, "China's human rights record remains troubling,..." China is responsible for the slaughter of millions of its own people. Engages in torture, removes the organs forcefully from people, suppresses free speech, has used tanks against dissidents in Tiamen Square, has a history of forced abortions; need I say anymore? I believe a more apt word in your editorial regarding its "human rights" would have been atrocious or inhuman.

Stephen J. Gray

Here is the National Post Version of my letter published July 29,2011
. or are there better words?
National Post · Jul. 29, 2011
This editorial states: "China's human rights record remains troubling." Troubling? China engages in torture, allegedly removes organs forcefully from people, suppresses free speech and has used tanks against dissidents in Tiananmen Square. I believe better words to describe China's "human rights" would have been "atrocious" or "inhuman."

Stephen J. Gray, Chilliwack, B.C.
Excerpt below from The Epoch Times July 14, 2011. (emphasis added)
"Thousands have died, hundreds of thousands have been imprisoned, and according to some estimates, over 40,000 have had their organs forcefully removed in lucrative transplant operations. To date, the Conservative government has not mentioned any of these issues in a major public speech."