Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Political Traitors?

The Political Traitors?
By Stephen J. Gray

The conspiracy is out in the open, they don’t care what the people think
They sign away National Sovereignty with a smile, a handshake and a wink
Are these today’s political traitors, who sign treasonous deals,
Without consulting their citizens: don’t they care how the people feel?

Should these political villains be impeached and jailed?
But this will not happen because justice and democracy has failed
Are political traitors trashing their countries constitutions?
If so: What can the people do? And what are the solutions?

Have political dictatorships come into being under the banner of “democracy?”
While political despots surrender sovereignty and spout hypocrisy
 Is “National Security and creating jobs” their excuse for treason?
Will the people accept their nefarious excuses and twisted political reasons?

Are politicians betraying their countries while spouting political lies?
Can the people trust them, and are the people surprised?
Are political charlatans getting away with political treason?
Is the peoples’ freedoms  doomed and on them will it be open season?

So if there are politicians out there who still believe in democracy
You'd better speak out, or you're part of the open conspiracy
Are there powerful business elites also promoting these treacherous deals?
Are you devious too? Are there, “wheels within wheels?”

If freedom truly reigned then the people would have a say
On whether their countries should all be signed away
But freedom died amid all this perilous political disorder
And now we are seeing more of the agenda of The New World Order

Stephen J. Gray
May 27, 2012.

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