Monday, May 14, 2012

They are Gathering in Chicago

They are Gathering in Chicago
By Stephen J. Gray

The National Air Terror Organization (NATO) is paying a visit
Lauded and applauded by the elites and the illicit
Taxpayers are paying for this warring multi-national organization
That feeds of death and destruction: A blood soaked creation

They are gathering in Chicago at tax-payers expense
The war criminals, the “honourable” and the rest of the bent
“Peace and Security” is their battle cry
As they launch missiles and bombs from their air “warriors” in the sky

Laying waste cities and countries and killing the children
This is the agenda of those to whom we are beholden
Oh, I forgot they call their depredations, “humanitarian missions”
These evil political bandits of wars and perdition

These warriors of wickedness smell of corruption
As they force their evil intentions upon every nation
 But hey, the military arm of the New World Order has arrived
And national sovereignty will not and cannot survive

Countries sold out by their treasonous puppet politicians
Who consort in luxury with the planners of perdition
Evil rules in the background; while the political puppets take their orders
And millions are murdered by the war business plotters

But these are the “good guys” who get “noble prizes” for killing
This is the dirty “business” that murders for a living
This is a “war on terror” the “eminent ones” proclaim
While funding both sides is the name of the game

Young men and women are killed serving their countries
Families lose loved ones in these evil effronteries
Treason is allowed and practiced by the satanic elites
While innocents are killed and everywhere people weep

The injured and maimed soldiers get their benefits reduced
By some of these political warring kooks
Profits are made off the backs of these dead and injured soldiers
While the profiteers of killing and slaughter become ever bolder

Capitalists and Communists are birds of a feather
Dictators, despots and “democracies” work together
The people are slaves to this rule of evil
Prisoners of a system, planned and corrupted at every level

What can be done to clean up this dirty evil mess
Should we arrest all the “honourable leaders,” and make them confess?
Perhaps all the security and troops protecting these elites
Should refuse to obey them: this would be a courageous feat

Instead arrest all these promoters of bloody evil
These pretend do gooders do the work of the devil
Put them all on trial for crimes against humanity
Perhaps then we’ll see a return to sanity

Just imagine all of these “good” war criminals and plotters being led away in chains
The “honourable ones” and financiers in orange jump suits trying to complain
“We did all these things, to protect you” they say
And the people said, “No thanks, we’ve had enough of your hypocrisy”

For make no mistake these villains could not survive
If people everywhere, said, “enough of the lies”
If these elites want bloody war and destruction
Let them go to war and, and let them sacrifice their lives in the action

Stephen J. Gray
May 14, 2012.
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