Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Prisoners of the System

The Prisoners of the System
By Stephen J. Gray

The prisoners of the system thought they were free
After all, they lived in a “democracy?”
Every few years they were allowed to vote
Then they got punished by the winning lot

Oh well, at least the masses are allowed to go on holiday
At the airports they are patted down and groped in the name of security
Still, their governments were keeping them all safe
As they spy on them and all the human race

Big Brother and Big Sister are now in charge
And Orwell’s “1984” is now here and at large
Computers are monitored and cell phones too
Fridges are bugged and smart meters knew

Every move and transaction was recorded
Chips in the credit cards and air miles got rewarded
Tracked, numbered and watched by cameras constantly
And anyone who objected was accused of being in favour of “child pornography”

But hey, this was still the world of the “free?”
Surely you can trust the governments to watch over you and me?
You know you are safe when they talk about “global security”
While making you a tax slave as you become their property

Are we not lucky to be in their grubby hands?
Or are they bandits and controlling brigands?
Has freedom become a word not really true?
When you realise what governments are doing to me and you!

Free speech is monitored by human rights commissars
And having an opinion could be an act of war
Hate crimes are levied at the drop of a hat
And democracy and freedom is a victim: how about that?

Still, the “political warriors” are ready for more wars
But they don’t fight, as you hear them roar
Young men and women are sent to die
As the political bandits concoct another lie

“National security” is their slogan to enslave
And “not in the public interest” is another one they engrave
B.S, baloney and nonsense purveyors
Can we afford these political betrayers?

While the people were sleeping and watching silly game shows
Agreements were signed to control and impose
National Sovereignty and independence were signed away
Political treason was the order of the day

But hey, some people voted to be ruled by these “masters”
Now they know the meaning of political disasters
Still, some people are true believers in political despotism
And this is how we all became prisoners of the system

Stephen J. Gray
May 24, 2012.

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