Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Political Race

The serfs turned out in faithful numbers to make a selection in the two-horse political race.  The horses colours were blue and red and both were from similar political stables, albeit they had different names. Blue Horse was from the Dumbocrat’s stable and the Red Horse was from the Republicrat’s stable. Both horses were well fed and watered and were the “best” in the country and produced the finest manure in the land. They were favourites of the financiers and many of the people. The people gambled by placing an X for the horse of their choice, not knowing (or ignorant of the fact) that whoever won they themselves would be the losers. This would be the price they would pay for gambling on a “democracy.”  The winner of the race had a licence to punish, and punishment would be the prize for the people.

Both political jockeys were old political pros and knew the political racetrack well.  One media tipster was heard to say this race was a “political superbowl,” though most of the serfs would be in the toilet bowl after it was all over, if the horses ran true to form. Whichever jockey won the race would have as a prize a Big House as a residence for four years, and would be able to lord it over the gullible masses that cheered his victory. It was reported that billions of dollars were gambled on this political race. But, the really big winners would be the establishment elites who had trained and financed the winner and the loser.

Still, the serfs had a good time at the political race and some even chanted “four more years,” even though around 47 million of them were on food stamps, their jobs gone and their houses re-possessed by bailed out bankers. Unemployment was at a record high and the winner would be cheered mightily as he promised them more of the same. This was called “more change and hope to believe in” or “forward” to the “fiscal cliff.” The race was billed by the propagandists as “democracy in action” and the people lined up for hours to place their bets on the Blue or Red colours ridden by jockeys from the same mentality stable.

This was an event that proved no matter how incompetent the jockeys were or how the political race finished, the compliant serfs would cheer the winner, happy in their own stupidity. Some cynics said the race was fixed, but how could a race be fixed when both jockeys and horses were owned by the establishment? One media pundit did call the losing stable “yahoos” but he was perhaps ignorant of the fact that whoever won, the “yahoos” would rule.

Now the race was over and a yahoo won for the “yahoos” and the Big House was his for four more years. “Yahoo, yahoo,” screamed the serf victors in celebration as they waved their flags in honour of their own slavery. Then they went home to their food stamp existence, their high unemployment, their mortgaged-to-the-hilt homes (those that had homes), their National Dictator’s Authoritarian Act (NDAA) where they could be arrested or killed without due process, the killing of their young by state sanctioned abortion, endless wars, and a descent into totalitarianism and moral degeneracy. But the serfs thought they were “free.” Surely that is all that counts. Long live “democracy!”

Stephen J. Gray
November 13, 2012.

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