Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The “rock star” Banker

The headlines said a “rock star” banker was leaving
The media went into a frenzy the country was supposedly grieving
Oh, who will save us now, was the noisy media cry
Their “rock star” banker would soon be saying goodbye

He was going to jolly old Blighty, to save it from its troubles
Even though some say it was bankers that caused the financial bubble
But hey, the banking “rock star” will surely be a wow
But what will happen to his old bank, can anyone help them now?

There is always help available, another money printer will arrive
And when the “rock star” leaves: the bank will still survive
Bankers do not suffer austerity or any wear and tear
As long as there are servile taxpayers here and everywhere

The taxpayers bailed out the manipulative Libor-raters
Now they are preaching austerity these financial operators
But don’t worry, a banking “rock star” will take control
As people everywhere sink deeper into a big financial hole

Still, lighten up all you worried serfs as you lose your “best and brightest”
There is always another banking “rock star” amongst Goldman’s finest
Bankers rule this world of ours, that’s why we are all in debt
The money printers are in charge, do we really have a “rock star” asset?

Stephen J. Gray
November 28,2012.

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