Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sochi-washing the Masses

Give the people games and then they won’t think
Feed them excitement as they blink
Who cares if there’s austerity just get on with the show
Sochi-wash the masses, let the BS grow

The “news makers” are here, and up for the “games”
Let’s all clap and cheer the Olympic flame
The elites are all here, it’s time to party
Just keep feeding the masses more marketed malarkey

Games and more games to cheer the serfs
As they watch the spectacles from around the earth
Meanwhile children are dying in endless wars
Financed and promoted by the war games curs

“Bread and Circuses” are still in the “modern age”
“And Ancient Rome is back” says a worthy sage
Do modern day Nero’s and Caligula’s rule?
“Don’t be silly,” says a grovelling political fool

“The masses love to be taxed and entertained”
The next games extravaganza has already been named
Wars, austerity and games and more games
Are good diversions as are Olympic flames

The rulers of the World are in control
The people everywhere have a role
They are taxed to the max and pay and pay
Sochi-washing the masses is the flavour of the day

Stephen J. Gray
February 6, 2014.

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