Sunday, February 9, 2014

Some News from Nonsenseland

Nonsenseland was continuing to live up to its name and nonsense was almost a daily occurrence. A former Master of Politics (MP) was discovered to be working for an arm of the government that spied on people, while he, at the same time was a lobbyist for a big corporation. Still, he did say he had made ‘double make - sure’ that this was okay and anyway he needed to work. Still, he would have a nice big government pension to look forward too in the future, that ordinary residents of Nonsenseland could only dream of.

Anyway, some people complained about this “straightshooter” and he resigned his appointment with the Land’s government. Here was a guy doing two jobs and some people complained. Hopefully, some in the corporate world will come to his aid, as he needs to work. Perhaps, with his experience he could run as a Liberal provincially, as he was promoting the Liberals in the last provincial election even though he is a Tory. Could this be called Solidarity politics? Just kidding, of course.

Meanwhile, the leader of Nonsenseland had arrived back from an overseas trip. A trip that included numerous freeloaders, oops, pardon me, I mean free enterprisers who had their trip paid for them by the taxpayers. Some cynics were upset about this, since the great leader had once stated everybody should learn to live within their means. Anyway, it was a good trip for all concerned except of course for those who paid for it, still this was the taxpayers’ lot in life, to be beasts of burden for the great leader who called them all his “friends.”

 Another Budget was due to be unveiled in the Land and it was reported that, “free lunches and refreshments” would be provided to a number of hungry experts who would be in the “budget lockup.” This was a good use of taxpayers’ dollars because it has been said at times it is hard to think on an empty stomach. Hopefully, those in the lockup will be able to think and thank the government for their meals and report it on their income tax forms. After all, the Finance Minister is reported as saying, “there is no free lunch.”

The good news is, that the Budget will soon be balanced and it is expected everybody will be cheering and applauding this momentous announcement. Though there are some party poopers who are saying a monkey could balance the Budget as the taxpayers are being right royally screwed every time they buy anything. Just about everything is taxed and the government takes a part of every transaction. Some people liken this to a type of  infestation by political parasites.[1] Others are saying they are tax slaves. [2]

Still, the Land has an economic action plan and it is all paid for by the peoples’ tax dollars. What could be nicer than that? Giving the corporate media big advertising dollars paid for by taxpayers and the government advertising itself courtesy of the taxpayers? Is that not a Ponzi-man’s dream using the peoples’ money to promote the government? Organized crime must be thinking they should be in politics. [3] Hey, I am only kidding. This Land’s government is a government of accountability and transparency and is always very clear, real clear and always makes itself clear. So what could be clearer than that?

Stephen J. Gray
February 9, 2014.


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