Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Report On The Business of Satanic Evil

The speaker is introduced by a well dressed demon.
Good evening fellow demons, our leader the ‘Great Satan’ is here tonight to update you on our successes. It is fitting that it should be done at night, because darkness is what we bring to the world. So here is the Prince of Darkness, our leader the ‘Great Satan.’ The assembled devils applaud and cheer, and the ‘Great Satan’ begins:

Fellow Satanists and perpetrators of evil, it is good to be with you tonight. You are the fiends of the earth and profiteers of death, destruction and misery around the world. My and your business in evil continues to flourish in the four corners of the earth. You, the descendants of the moneychangers that Jesus kicked out of the temple, are now running amok in the countries of the world. Wherever there is war, we finance it. Wherever there is weapons’ we finance them. Wherever there is hunger we profit from it. (The food-stamps’ business) Wherever there is destruction, killings, death and mayhem, you can be sure we well dressed devils are in on its creation. Therefore it is fitting that we take a bow and applaud our kingdom of evil. (A standing ovation ensues from the assembly of evil, and shouts of, “Lucifer is our God,” are heard. The speaker continues)

As you all know we started illegal wars in many countries. Iraq. Libya and Syria, amongst others, were satanic victories for us in the war business. The people in these countries once had homes, and were living mostly peacefully together. Then we planned and plotted the wars that have devastated and decimated their countries. (These evil plots go mostly unreported in the corporate monopoly media.) Millions are dead, thousands of soldiers are dead, millions of people are refugees their homes have been destroyed, and reduced to rubble. We are making massive bloodstained profits from all this carnage. Life for us cannot get any better! Can it? (Shouts of, “Hell No,” are heard, and another standing ovation ensues. The ‘Great Satan’ continues.)

Still, to create hell on earth successfully, it has to be marketed properly to ensure that the dumb masses accept our hellish agendas. Thank God, oops, that was a satanic joke, I mean thank goodness, (much laughter is heard) we have “marketers of evil” in our midst. They are very good at selling and promoting the business of evil. They sold “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD) as being a truth when it was a lie, and another lie was babies were taken from their “incubators” and thrown on the floor. So let us give a big hand to the “marketers of evil” and the other media propagandists in our midst. They truly are servants of the devil. (A standing ovation and shouts of, “Praise to all the Satanists” are heard. The ‘Great Satan’ continues)

Before I finish my talk tonight, I must not forget the ordinary people of the world. They send their sons and daughters and grand children to join our armies. We train them to kill, bomb and maim other human beings in other countries. This creates enemies and endless perpetual war. It also creates what are called terrorists. This modus operandi of our endless evil is what we call, “The war on terror.” It will be never ending and as Satanists we all know, we flourish and feed off this hell on earth. This concludes my report on the business of evil. Thank you all for coming, and I look forward to seeing you all in Hell. (The well dressed demons give a standing ovation to the ‘Great Satan’ then the fiends’ troop out to continue their evil depredations around the world.)

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Stephen J. Gray
December 31, 2015.

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