Saturday, December 12, 2015

The War Criminals At Large

Some of these powerful people can be seen posturing and preening on the world stage. Others are now retired and drawing big fat pensions courtesy of taxpayers. Some are multi- millionaires and travelling around the world on speaking engagements, others have written books. Life is good for them. Meanwhile, the countries they invaded and helped destroy are hellholes of the earth and life is a horror story for those still alive. Civil wars now rage in the countries that once were reasonably peaceful, before the “liberators” arrived. Then the regime change criminals [1] went into action and hell on earth is the 21st century’s “gift” to humanity by the war criminals in our midst.

These 21st Century powerful war criminals are responsible for millions of people dead. Millions of refugees, soldiers dead and maimed, countries destroyed, children contaminated, and these War Criminals are FREE. [2]

Free to continue their massive depredations when in reality they should be arrested and put on trial for plotting crimes against the countries now destroyed by their evil machinations. This could be called: “The crimes of the powerful and the plight of the powerless.” [3]

Will the powerless eventually realize that they are being used and abused by the powerful? Will some people start objecting to being used to fight wars that are illegal and criminal?  Some veterans are speaking out and discarding “their war medals.”

“Veteran Daniel Lenham, who served in the RAF from 2002 to 2014, referred to his medal as a ‘worthless trinket’.”
“He said: ‘I'm here today to show my utter contempt and disgust at the Government's decision to, once again, attack in the Middle East.’”
“Mr Lenham said there was no better way of doing that than to hand back the ‘tokens of militarism’.” [4] Article by Laura Mowat, December 8, 2015.

“Ben Griffin, a former soldier from VFP, said, ‘I think it is ridiculous that they voted for [air strikes in Syria]. We fought in Afghanistan, we fought in Iraq and in Libya, and it didn't solve a thing, it made things worse. It is highly disappointing, having gone through these wars, to see MPs voting for more war. War is not the solution to this problem. More bombs in Syria isn't going to solve this. We are completely disgusted by those MPs.’" [5] Ib. Times, article by James Lillywhite, December 8, 2015.

I say well done to these veterans for courageously speaking out. I believe it is time the elites and the powerful were held to account. I believe for too long they have been getting away with murder, as the saying goes. As have the profiteers of all this bloody carnage, bombings, bombardments and destruction around the world. Therefore I ask: “Will there ever be a day of reckoning”? [6]

“They hide from all the violence they started
They caused the deaths of many of the departed
They should be on trial for many war crimes
They should be in prison cells doing hard time”...

Stephen J. Gray
December 12, 2015.


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