Saturday, December 19, 2015

The War Criminals “resolution” on Syria

“The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution aimed at establishing peace in Syria.
The document, approved by the United States, Russia, China, France, the UK and the 10 other nations, endorses an international roadmap for a peace process in the war-torn country.... The text of the resolution also says the ‘Syrian people will decide the future of Syria’....
The war in Syria is believed to have left more than 250,000 people dead and forced four million from their homes.” Sky News, UK. December 19, 2015.

It surely is nice to see “a resolution aimed at establishing peace in Syria.” No decent person could be against peace, and an end to this hellish war. Yet, it is noticeable that some of the countries mentioned in the “document,” are the same war criminals from countries that planned and plotted this war. [1] They created this hell on earth that has resulted in “more than 250,000 people dead and forced four million from their homes.” Now they are calling for “peace” after setting Syria on fire. Surely, these war criminals must be arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity? Are these powerful inhuman monsters going to be allowed to continue to operate freely, despite the overwhelming evidence of their crimes? Has the system become so corrupt that these “right honourable” and “honourable leaders” are allowed to bomb kill and destroy countries at will? What about their partners in crimes in the arms industry who reaped massive bloodstained profits will they be allowed to walk free? Will the “financiers” and “political officials” of this evil be held to account? I believe prosecutions are needed, similar to the war crimes trials at Nuremberg:

“The Nuremberg trials were a series of trials held between 1945 and 1949 in which the Allies prosecuted German military leaders, political officials, industrialists, and financiers for crimes they had committed during World War II.”

Hellish war crimes have been committed against Syria therefore justice needs to be seen to be done. The Syrian people had homes and were living peacefully with each other until the plotters and planners of regime change [2] interfered in a sovereign country. Therefore, these war criminals must be held accountable for their war crimes.

“Most war crimes fall into one of three categories: crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and traditional war crimes. Crimes against peace include the planning, commencement, and waging of aggressive war, or war in violation of international agreements. Aggressive war is broadly defined to include any hostile military act that disregards the territorial boundaries of another country, disrespects the political independence of another regime, or otherwise interferes with the sovereignty of an internationally recognized state....”

The sorry state of our world today will only get worse if these war criminals in our midst are allowed to continue their depredations. They are literally getting away with murder and genocide. They strut and perform on this so-called world stage. Evil actors from hell, causing hell on earth, and the peoples’ tax dollars finance their criminality. How much more are ordinary people going to take before they take them to task for their crimes against humanity, and hold them accountable? Or is justice dead and buried along with the victims? and, “Are we in the hands of gangsters incorporated”? [3]

Stephen J. Gray
December 19, 2015.


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