Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Message from the Media to the Great Leader

Dear Great Leader, as you know we all endorsed you in the last election. Sure, we have criticized you a little so that the people can think we are “searching for truth.” But, when push comes to shove as the saying goes we are on your side. We know who butters our corporate bread and pays our wages so we always heed our masters’ voices. We in the media are in the hands of the corporate few, and they are the ones who must be obeyed.

Just look at our and your stand on the Ukraine crisis we are backing you to the hilt, even though there is a video [1] and more info, by former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul about a “US-backed coup in Kiev.” [1a] and more info [1b] that shows that regime change and a coup was plotted. And you of course are ignoring this evidence, as are we. And so are your “free trade” political buddies. [2] Still, we liked the piece in the Propaganda Post, pardon us; we mean the National Post that said you were a “key player” in the G7’s hard line over Crimea; and there was no mention in this article of the conspiracy or coup for regime change. A great piece of reporting! Eh!  We’re on your side of the missing parts of the story as can be seen by our writings. But hey, another great columnist of the Propaganda Post, oops, I mean the National Post, kept up the good work of “investigative journalism” and said you were at your “finest in standing up to Moscow.” No mention in this article either of the coup or planned regime change that can be seen on video or in many alternative news sites. Perhaps, one could call our media versions, editing out, or not reporting other evidence to the contrary?  Still, the media are the message as somebody once said. Anyway let’s discuss other issues where we are propagandizing, oops, we mean pulling for you.

You must have noticed most of us gave your E.U. “free trade” deal the thumbs up. One veteran journalist even described the deal saying: “This is creative statecraft... ” even though all the details were not available. And another doyen of journalism even said on live T.V. It was the “greatest trade deal ever made,” despite the lack of full details at the time. [3]
You must also have noticed that we in most of the media have not done any in depth investigation into the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) [3a] that you are hell bent on signing. Some reports in the alternative media have called it a “Stealth Corporate Coup d’Etat[4] But we in the corporate media have kept mostly silent on this matter.

Still, you are a smart, accountable, transparent, and clever person, and have always been real clear on all these “free trade” deals. Which are always heralded by nice sounding press releases telling the masses they will “create jobs” and “billions if not trillions in economic activity.” Meanwhile, the “deals” are all being done in “secret” and the people will hopefully believe what they are told by you and us in the media. It’s all a matter of corporate marketing and we excel at that.

Another angle on all these “free trade” deals is perhaps some of the political participants and their strategists got the response they wanted from Russia on Ukraine by instigating a coup. Now all these countries in the EU “free trade cabal” including Canada, America and others can use the Ukraine crisis to legitimize the loss of national sovereignty in the free trade deals. Saying, “countries all need to stick together, to protect each other, therefore they need to speak and integrate as one big bloc, to protect themselves from big bad Russia.” And hey, presto the people everywhere will accept the explanation. It could also be called a “national emergency” or “national security.” It is a known marketing ploy that you have to scare the people to get acceptance. Or create an emergency. Just look at the “war on terror” the people gave up their civil liberties. So if the “trade deals” are marketed properly national sovereignty could be a thing of the past. Devious thoughts perhaps, but plotting is everything these days. Just ask the global elites, they have been doing it for years. [5]

Anyway, we just thought we would send you this message of support, from all the boys and girls in Media Land. Best regards from, Andy, Johnny, Petey, Mickey, Olli, Tommy, Robby, Donny,  The Blockhead East, The Scrummage, Play of Power, Politics of Power, and others too numerous to mention. Who are always searching for truth in this game of journalistic integrity!

Stephen J. Gray
March 26, 2014.


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