Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is Stephen Harper a Political Hypocrite?

“The government of Canada has always stood with those who defend freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law,” Harper said at a joint news conference with Yatsenyuk following their meeting. “We are here today to reiterate our commitment to your independence.” [1]

The above words by Stephen Harper in Kyiv must surely give rise to questions about this man’s veracity.
This is a man who has formed a “strategic partnership” [2] with the dictatorship in communist China, a country that invaded Tibet, yet he has the gall to mention ‘independence’ when speaking of Ukraine. And he curries favour with the communists in China.

What does this say about the ethics, morality and principles of the “conservatives” and their leader, and the Big Business leaders who travel with him to China? Have they no shame? Who would want to be associated with people who treat their citizens like slaves? Suppress their freedoms and spy on their every move. It seems our “great leader” and his business associates have no qualms about doing so. Yet this is the same Mr. Harper. who says, “I believe very strongly that in this world you have to have values…” (CBC News, February 11, 2012)Yeah sure, that’s why you are consorting with dictators. Nice “values” you have!

Harper is a man who talks about values and ‘human rights’ while his government sells arms to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.

“The latest arms deal between Canada and Saudi Arabia exposes the ideological hypocrisy that underpins the Canadian Conservative Party's present foreign and trade policy.
The Ontario-based General Dynamics Land Systems (a subsidiary of the Virginia-based aerospace and defence company, General Dynamics) outbid Germany and France to win a US$10bn deal to export military hardware to Saudi Arabia, with a poor human rights record.” [3]

And The Christian Post of August 10, 2007, an article by by Jennifer Riley had the headline, “Bibles, Crucifixes Not Allowed into Saudi Arabia”

The article went on to state:

“If you are planning a trip to Saudi Arabia as the summer days wind down, you may want to think twice before taking your Bible with you. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is officially called, reportedly bans foreigners from bringing in Bibles, crucifixes, Stars of David and other religious non-Islamic items.” [4]

Mr. Harper and his government those great defenders of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ support a regime that practices discrimination. Still, I guess one should not be surprised. Based on the evidence available on this so-called “conservative” government, hypocrisy [5] is their forte.

Still, Mr. Harper likes to parrot the words ‘human rights,’ which surely is a farce here in Canada because human rights for the pre-born children are non-existent, even when born alive after abortionists failed to kill them. [6] Canada like China and North Korea has no law on abortion, yet Stephen Harper parrots ‘rule of law’ in Ukraine. And talking about Ukraine I believe Stephen Harper and his political and media cronies, are not reporting factually on what could be called a conspiracy and a coup in Ukraine.

January 30, 2014 –   The State Department’s website Media Note announced Nuland’s upcoming travel plans that ”In Kyiv, Assistant Secretary Nuland will meet with government officials, opposition leaders, civil society and business leaders to encourage agreement on a new government and plan of action.”  In other words, almost a month before President Yanukovych was ousted, the US was planning to rid the world of another independently elected President. [7]

Stephen J. Gray
March 23, 2014.


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