Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Imaginary Secret Speech to the Secret Rulers

Honourable and eminent members of our secret and powerful society our plans are succeeding unhindered. We control the money system through our centralized banking politburo [1] which is in private hands, or should I say our private hands. We print the money that governments’ need, then lend it to them at interest, then it is paid back to us from the serfs’ tax dollars. I ask you could there ever be a sweeter set up than that? Perpetual debt helps keep the masses under control. The Mafia are pikers and amateurs compared to us.  (A huge round of applause takes place from the assembled and some, “hear, hears” are heard. The speaker continues)

Our crash of the financial system enabled us to keep massive financial assets offshore [1a] then we advised the governments they would need to bail out the banks and numerous corporations to restore stability to the system. I cannot believe how easy it has been and how receptive the puppet politicians have been to our recommendations. Mind you, they know that if they want a nice position in many of our enterprises after politics, they have to toe the line we dictate to them. Thank goodness these “useful idiots” take our advice. (Loud cheers are heard and someone shouts, “We rule the world.”)

We continue to start wars in numerous countries and we send the sons and daughters of the masses to fight them for us. Wars are a profitable business [2] and we have been known to finance both sides. [2a] But hey, business is business albeit there are casualties, massive suffering, millions of deaths, destruction and mayhem.  Still, I know some people are saying we are sick and perverted, and that we are doing the work of evil. [3] But hey, we do create jobs and get the contracts for reconstruction after destroying infrastructure and homes. And all the refugees created by our wars around the world will be a source of cheap labour that we can advise governments to take into their countries. (Another round of applause takes place. And an eminent person and member of the cabal says, “that is very charitable of us.)

Talking about wars, we could be seeing another big one soon and a return to the days of the “Cold War.” Anyway, the Cold War was good for the arms business and very profitable, and helped create jobs. Now we are thinking of promoting it all over again. After all, the people need enemies to keep them occupied, and our corporate controlled media and marketers are doing a bang up job, propagandizing the need for the “international community” to take action. Hey, we are the international community but the people don’t know that. (Much laughter ensues and a standing ovation occurs. The speaker continues.)
 Hell, during the Cold War our multi-national corporations had business interests in the Soviet Union. [4] In fact one journalist, Charles Levinson, even wrote a book about it called “Vodka- Cola.” In which he said:
 “The authoritarian elites on both sides operate an ‘over world’ of organized conspiracy which mirrors the underworld of organized crime.”
Thank goodness the book was not given much publicity by our corporate media at the time. Still, it helps when we own and control most of the media and we sure as hell are not going to give ourselves bad publicity. (Shouts of “Amen to that” are heard and the speaker continues.)

Anyway, my friends there is no limit to what we can achieve when we control the system. [5] The people elect politicians and governments’ others live under dictatorships and despots. But all in all it matters not a whit. Whoever controls the money system controls the people and their governments. And that is us of course. It is a real life game of “Monopoly,” and we are the controllers of the centralized bankers with a license to print money. It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is
the master of all its legislation and commerce."

  President James A. Garfield

Stephen J. Gray
March 1, 2014.